Translation & Interpreting Services
Francais - Svenska - English

  • Board meetings
  • Recruitmment Interviews
  • Human Resources Services
  • Sales meetings
  • Training seminars
  • Online Teaching

More about Our services
- We offer accurate, professional, and culturally appropriate simultaneous
and consecutive conference interpreting/translation services
for all of your business meeting interpretation needs.

- As Interpretation providers, We offer onsite, video, and phone-based interpretation solutions.
Interpretation is a live service, differing from translation solutions, which are typically carried out after an event has concluded.
Because it is conducted live, interpretation is usually considered less accurate than translation, which allows for more time to consider definitions and nuances of the original language.

- Businesses that work internationally or with clients that speak different languages may benefit from interpretation services.

- Businesses that frequently require interpretation may hire in-house interpreters

- During interpretation sessions, clients may enlist transcription services to document the conversations for their records.